The Team

Natalie Tinworth Natalie Tinworth
Head Groom

'Horses before anything'

* Longest existing member of the team
* Competed in young riders and professionally produced young horses for the team
Vicky Megan Williams
Stable Jockey

"Whats in the brain goes through the reins" Its so important to keep a positive mental attitude'

*Megan has the 'want to win' factor, which puts her in strong contention whenever she enters the ring.
*Megan joined Team Williams in 2012 and now regularly rides some and works some of the yards top horses
Torinto Rebecca Walker
Rider and Guys Partner

'Runs the office for Guy!'

Torinto Vicky Short
Home Groom

Holds the fort at the yard making sure all the horses are ready for their next event.

Torinto Natalie Huggins
Groom Assistant

Works with Nat & Vicky at home and at shows, giving support to the team

Amy Doran Amy Doran
Public Relations

'Good  PR is essential for any top athlete'

* Public relations in sporting industries for over  10 years
* Passionate about horses and lucky enough to be an owner within Team Williams

To contact Amy regarding sponsorship or public relations  please click here